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Why your wordpress web page load slowly?

There are a number of reasons for your web page is taking its old time to load. And one of the first places to look is with your hosting provider or host.

Having the right hosting service to fit your needs is a great business move, regardless. Remember, what you pay for is what you get. A not recommended host may save you some money in the beginning, but it may not be reliable, which in turn will hurt your business in the long run. Make sure that you select a trusted host that can handle the needs of your business.

If you are using a great host and are still having pages that load slowly? Here are some other common causes.

  1. Images size:

Unoptimized images actually impact 91% of the sites included in the Alexa 1000. These are usually PNG and JPEG images that have extra data included for comments or because they contain an inefficient DEFLATE compressor. PNG should be used for icons or logos, but JPEGs work better as photos.

  1. Plugin Overload: Sometimes the unsuspecting comment or social media buttons are to blame. It getting more time as compared to other for loading so try to use proper or recommended plugin or widget in your wordpress site.
  2. Browsers, Plugins, and Apps:

Take Flash as an example. It can seriously slow down a webpage. And it’s not even compatible with most mobile devices. Also consider browsers like Chrome don’t always play nice with plugins. Always test your site to see how fast your site is loading on different browsers and devices.

  1. Ads:

 No one likes tons of ads, but they can also slow down loading time. It only takes that one slow-loading ad to cause visitors to flee.

  1. Complex Code:

Whether it’s a code for analytics, sign up forms, affiliates, or inefficient HTML5/ CSS, they can all add up to make your site drag. Try to condense codes and shrinking files.

  1. Theme:

Themes are only changing look and feel , themes give attractive UI but to making attractive user interface it require lots of JavaScript and it increase in theme size as well as web page size .While you want your site to look amazing, make sure you theme isn’t bringing your load time to a screeching halt.

  1. Embedded Media:

Media like videos or slide shows may be valuable content, but they can also slow down loading speed because the site they are hosted on may be having issues. Try to host content on your own server to boost speed. And try to avoid external embedded media files.

Tips and Tricks to accelerate your page load time

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