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Why is Google+ important for your brand?

Over the past few years, it seems as if Google+ has become less of a social network to rival Facebook, and more of a place for businesses to waste precious time building profiles that are only relevant when they somehow appear at the top of search results. The sad truth is that this is how most organizations view Google’s social platform nowadays, which squanders the many ways this important tool can be used for marketing purposes.

The importance, and opportunity, comes down to search visibility. For those of you who have done some cursory research in the past, maybe you’ve heard or read that it’s much like Facebook. Sure, the similarities are there, however since Google has a direct stake in the success of it+, you can be sure that significantly more weight will be given to content posts in Google+ over Facebook when it comes to visibility of your content (blog posts, videos, etc.) and brand in search engines.

5 key reasons to explorer Google+ for your brand:

      • Search rankings: Whenever you post, it gives people who read it the opportunity to +1 your post, similar to a “like” on Facebook. The difference? A “like” doesn’t translate to enhanced search ranking and post visibility.

      • Google Plus Circles: it allows a very simplistic way of organizing your networks and sharing information with them. Therefore, you can label your circles according to different audience types like “business referrers,” “employees,” “prospects” and so forth so you can send specific messages if you wish to each audience.

      • Communities: The “community” function is somewhat similar to groups on LinkedIn. However, the added benefit is, again, the search value since now your posts, comments and discussions reside on the Google platform.

      • Your Google+ profile can be linked to the content you create: This is what the Google+ authorship feature is all about. It means that whenever you publish content, it will appear in search results with your by-line to give it a more personal feel. Plus, the by-line links directly to your Google+ page. This is great for personal branding!

      • Google+ Publisher: Especially great for a local brand that drives local traffic, like a mortgage company, it’s Publisher connects a it’s Local page to your website so that when people conduct a search for company-relevant terms, they will see what’s called a “knowledge graph.” This knowledge graph is a box on the right side of the search results that includes your picture or a picture of your locations, contact information, some profile information and other pieces of key information like your hours, location and ratings if available.

      •  Google+ Reviews May Be Seen Before Yelp Reviews: In case will remove anything from this article, play close consideration regarding this: it’s surveys are basic! Including to the above point, it’s profiles are regularly shown with the client survey normal, which may appear over your Yelp profile – frequently relying upon what number of audits you have posted on each. This implies if your surveys on Yelp are strong, you have to ensure that your audits on Google+ are too.
        This additionally gives an awesome open door for organizations that might battle with poor Yelp surveys, on the grounds that that won’t not make any difference if your great audits on Google+ is the main thing that they see.

Be that as it may, take note of that Google has not really said that audits affect evaluations, but rather unmistakably when somebody is hunting down your items and administration and discover your business, they will take a gander at your surveys before working with you. On the off chance that you don’t have Google+ audits on your Google My Business profile, your potential clients would totally go to a contender with higher appraisals and more surveys.

Once you’ve joined it, transferred your photo and named your circles, then it’s a great opportunity to look into some of your associates, companions and organizations and begin adding them to your circles and presenting content on share. In case you’re searching for some extra figure out how to get around it+, here’s an awesome article called Getting Around Google+ that I suggest. It is somewhat overpowering at in the first place, however after a touch of examining and testing, you’ll rapidly perceive that it is so natural to utilize.

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