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Why Google is so popular?

Google is the mostly used search engine on the internet today. It receives over 3.1 billion online searches on a daily. It was created in 1997 by American computer scientists Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Since its founding, Google has made much advancement in the search engine field.

Today, many users believe that it is the quickest and most reliable search engine. A study done in 2012 showed that 70% of users’ searches were done using it, with Bing coming in second place at 25.2%. It is also the main search engine used on mobile devices.

There are many reasons for Google’s popularity. Some are as below

  • Homepage is very simple,
  • Easy to use, and loads quickly
  • Provides users with better results
  • Student can learn any from using it
  • You can get any famous personality information using it

It shows fewer ads on its homepage than its competitors, Bing and Yahoo. The ads it shows are more related to its users’ interests. Displaying fewer ads gives Google an advantage over Yahoo and Bing because its pages are easier to read.

Google has number one ranker on other site; On Alexa ranking meter Google occupied one rank

Another major factor is Google Maps, which can be used as both a desktop and mobile map service. Maps lets people view street maps and images shot from a satellite view and also gives them a street view perspective from up to four different types of transportation.

For communication Google invented G Talk also, so its helps co-workers to communicate with each other.

And it has YouTube also; YouTube gives all education related video, technology related video, current affairs and lots more.

It also provide emailing services i.e. Gmail on free of cost .By using Gmail people can easily send files or make communication .And also gives file storage facility on Google Drive .People can easily or freely use 15 GB over it.

Note: Many SEO Experts consider its Search Engine on first priority because internet users use it most. And it have product like Analytics and Webmaster, so this product can help developer to get best result out of his work.

Conclusion: Google provide all the services free for user and give them better result .

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