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What is the difference between ASP.NET and PHP ?

ASP.NET and PHP both are server side technologies; PHP is open source and ASP.NET own by Microsoft .

The difference or features  between them is as follows,


  • It is a Microsoft technology
  • It have expensive in cost
  • It is a platform in which programming language such as VB.net or C# used to develop ASP.NET applications.
  • It can be only used with IIS
  • ASP.NET was launched in the year 2002
  • It was launched by Microsoft technology
  • ASP.NET work well with MS-SQL database
  • It runs in Windows platform
  • It code execution is slower compared to PHP
  • net is built to run only on Windows platform.
  • Mostly ASP.NET tools are costly
  • Syntax of ASP.NET is similar visual Basic


  • PHP is a open source technology
  • It can be free to use
  • It is a programming language used to create web applications
  • PHP will work on any kind of server
  • PHP was launched in the year 1995
  • PHP was launched by Rasmus Lerdorf
  • PHP work well with MYSQL database
  • PHP runs in Linux operating system platform
  • PHP execution is faster because PHP used uses in-build memory space
  • PHP is compatible to work on other platform like Windows, Linux and UNIX
  • Many PHP tools are free
  • Syntax of PHP is similar to c and c++

Above points shows the difference between ASP.NET and PHP.

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