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What is hosting?

  • Your Web hosting service is the technical backbone of your site.
  • Its service and support options will play a big role in your business’s operation.
  • Hosting companies usually charge monthly, and the cheapest company isn’t always best.
  • Choose carefully the first time: once you pick your Web host and install your files there, moving to a new host is, at best, a major headache. Ideally you’ll choose a good one and stay there.
  • It’s worth finding a good service for your website, since the site is the backbone of your online store.
  • If it’s finicky, sales will certainly suffer.
  • Free web hosting services are available, but since you’re selling products online, you’ll need to pay for a service that offers the options you need.
  • You’ll need enough space for growth if your business does well.
  • Choose a hosting service that allows for customization if you’re planning on doing your own programming.

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