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Factors To Consider When Building A Website


In 1990, Canon’s television ad’s featured legendary tennis star Andre Agassi. In the commercial, he says “Image is Everything“. That statement is so true!  Image and appearance are some of the most important factors when building a website.  It’s the first thing visitors take into consideration when deciding to stay ...

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How to make secure your website?


A security for your online store ensures that the financial and personal information of your customers is secure. Update your web script constantly. Upgrade whenever there is a new version of your script available. Be sure to do it as soon as the upgrade is released, regardless if the upgrade ...

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8 Interesting Facts About WordPress Websites


Interesting Facts About WordPress Websites: 1. WordPress Keywords Score More than 35 Million Searches Per Month When you count the searches of all keywords with WordPress or WP (WordPress shortly know as wp) in them, the monthly figure is a whopping more than  35 million searches. Assuming that this figure ...

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