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Why your wordpress web page load slowly?

web page

There are a number of reasons for your web page is taking its old time to load. And one of the first places to look is with your hosting provider or host. Having the right hosting service to fit your needs is a great business move, regardless. Remember, what you ...

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What is HTML Document Structure and how it creates?


HTML Document Structure An HTML document starts and ends with <html> and >/html> tags. These tags tell the browser that the entire document is composed in HTML. Inside these two tags, the document is split into two sections: The <head>…</head> elements, which contain information about the document such as title ...

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CSS-What is CSS?


CSS is known as cascading style sheet, it is a simple web design language intended to simplify the process of making web pages presentable, colorful and attractive. CSS are mainly used with HTML. You Cascading Style Sheet handles the look and feel part of a web page. Using CSS, you ...

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Benefits of Cloud Computing

cloud computing

The concept of Cloud Computing came into existence in 1950 with implementation of mainframe computers, accessible via thin/static clients. Since then, cloud computing has been evolved from static clients to dynamic ones from software to services.  Cloud Computing has various advantages. Some of them are listed below: One can access ...

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