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What is Random Access Memory?

  • Random Access Memory or RAM is a form of data storage that can be accessed randomly at any time, in any order and from any physical location. Allowing quick access and manipulation.
  • A RAM chip can store multiple gigabytes (GB) of data, up to 16 GB or more per chip; A ROM chip typically stores only several megabytes (MB) of data, up to 4 MB or more per chip.
  • Ram stands for Random Access Memory
  • RAM allows the computer to read dataquickly to run applications. It allows reading and writing.
  • RAM is volatile i.e. its contents are lost when the device is powered off.
  • The two main types of RAM are static RAM and dynamic RAM.
  • In contrast, a RAM chip is volatileand requires a constant source of power to retain information. When power is lost or turned off, a RAM chip will lose the information stored on it.
  • The price of RAMs are comparatively high as compared to ROM
  • The RAM is an chip, which is in the rectangle form and is inserted over the mother board of the computer
  • g. A good example of ROM in the computer is the computer, a  chip that stores the programming needed to begin the initial computer start up process.

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