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Introduction to Mobify – Chapter 1

In chapter 1 we are going to cover basics of Mobify Technology, its use & advantages.

It is cloud based software that offers both adaptive & responsive design to create a device accessible website, which can be accessed under the same URL.
The Same URL means your website URL is not going to change. It will be same for both desktop & device use. Previously sits were using the “m.” prefix for addressing to the device accessible websites.
Mobify is faster than the desktop site responsive design, because for responsive design the complete html DOM gets downloaded from the server & the html is adjusted according to the device format based on the resolution using CSS.
Mobify stops the downloading the resources as soon as it gets the request from device & download the Mobify DOM for the page & then requests for the resources like images, scripts of main website.

• It is an expedient method for creating a mobile website quickly.
• As Mobify is like a wrapper over the desktop site, so it can be developed very quickly.
• It reuses modules from your existing desktop design and transform them into a mobile friendly design as a separate website.
• This allows the replication of desktop features quickly in mobile format.
• We need not to undergo more changes to the desktop site for mobile format feature replication.

Stick to one URL or Single Domain/URL
• Even though it is a separate site, it will still utilize your main URL without any redirects.
• This lets you avoid serving duplicate content from multiple domains, which is a best practice for Search Engine Optimization.

Low Risk
• No need to redevelop features or make major modifications to your existing website to support mobile.
• We will create the mobile pages separately through Mobify.
• Your existing site can remain as it is without any code or back end or database modifications.

Minimal Development Time
As we are not going to make major changes in desktop site for mobile format feature replication, mobify site can be created in very short time.

Restriction In Mobify

• Dependability on desktop site: As mobify site needs desktop site to capture the HTML DOM to render it to device. So if there is no desktop site, we will need to develop it.
• It cannot handle the dynamic html or Ajax calls: Mobify chooses the device format content from HTML Dom.
• On complete rendering of DOM on device, Mobify cannot capture the dynamic data as complete DOM does not get downloaded on dynamic Ajax call.

Above details covers the following question related to Mobify Technology.
1. What is Mobify?
2. Why Mobify needed?
3. Advantages of Mobify?
4. Advantage of Mobify over responsive design?
5. Restriction in Mobify?
6. Disadvantages of Mobify?

Image Credit: http://flauntresponsive.com/blog/mobifyjs-responsive-images/

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