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unwanted login attackes

How to protect against unwanted WordPress wp admin & wp login attempts ?

In this article we will look how to to lock down and password protect your WordPress website from invalid login attempts. We’ll do this by limiting access to the /wp-admin directory and the wp-login.php script.

Follow the following steps:

  • In cpanel panel find the Security section in that click on Password Protect Directories.
  • Select theDocument Root for your domain,and  click on  Go.
  • Click on yourwp-admin
  • CheckPassword protect this directory, give it a name as per your convenience, then click Save. And go back
  • And fill the detailsas username and password on generate password.
  • Now type in aUsername, then click on Add/modify authorized user.
  • Now Try to access your/wp-admin  Your browser will prompt you for the password you just created. Type in your username / password, and click Log In.
  • Now go back to cPanel.Under theFiles section, click on File Manager.Select the Document Root for your domain.Check Show Hidden Files, then click on the Go button.
  • expandpublic_html.Click on wp-admin, then right-click on your .htaccess Then click on Edit .For the encoding pop-up, click on Edit again to bypass that.
  • Copy all the code in the.htaccess

            ErrorDocument 401 “Denied”
            ErrorDocument 403 “Denied”
            # Allow plugin access to admin-ajax.php around password protection
           <Files admin-ajax.php>
           Order allow,deny
           Allow from all
            Satisfy any

  • From the left-hand directory listing, click onpublic_html.Right-click on your .htaccess file, then click on Edit.
  • Now paste the.htaccess code you copied, in-between some<FilesMatch> tags, so that it ends up looking like this:

  ErrorDocument 401 “Denied”
ErrorDocument 403 “Denied”
<FilesMatch “wp-login.php”>
AuthType Basic
AuthName “Secure Area”
AuthUserFile “/home/example/.htpasswds/public_html/wp-admin/passwd”
require valid-user

And save the .htaccess file.

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