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Inverter Circuit

Home-made Inverter Circuit

Inverter Circuit

Inverter-CKT Home-made Inverter Circuit Electronics

This is the schematic of a straightforward 40W , 12 volts to 220 Volts inverter.You don’t trust, this is basic and modest and working for me for last 4 years.The heart of the circuit is a CD 4047 IC which is wired as an astable multivibrator here.Resistance and Capacitance at pin 1&2 decides the out put frequency.Here it is set to 60Hz.Due to this a two 180 degree out of stage ,120 Hz , half obligation cycle waveforms will show up at pin 10 & 11.These waves are opened up by the integral symmetry intensifier made of transistors BC 337 & TIP 3055 to drive the out put transformer.Don’t get dreaded of the specialized terms, simply wire it on a generally useful PCB.It is basic and will work.Don’t stress over the transformer windings ,purchase a 220-110-0 primary,12-0-12 auxiliary , <50W transformer.You can choose yield voltage of 110V or 220V by a two way switch utilizing such a transformer.Don’t stress on the off chance that you don’t have such a transformer, a basic 220 to 12-0-12 will likewise do the trap relinquishing the 110V alternative or bad habit versa.The most ideal approach to get a transformer is to break all futile electronic gadgets in your trash.Most presumably you will discover the transformer or more segments required here!


  • X’mer 12-0-12 One AMP
  • Cap – 1000 Uf, 100Uf (25 volt)
  • Bridge ckt: 5 amp
  • Battery: 12Volt
  • Fuse: 2Amp
  • Relay: 12 volt, 5amp
  • LED
  • Resister
  • CFL: 5Watt
  • Diode: 1N4001
  • Transistor: Simple-BC337
  • Power –TIP 3005
  • IC- 4047B

20140324_210654 Home-made Inverter Circuit Electronics
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