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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing versus Traditional Marketing

In today’s business world there are two types of marketing, traditional and digital marketing. Both avenues can benefit a business greatly and provide them with the exposure they need to enhance their business overall. However, how do you know which ones offer more advantages to your business? This expert guide will give you the benefits of both digital marketing vs traditional marketing so you can assess which option is the best one for your marketing needs. So let’s get started.

Traditional Marketing:

There are many facets of traditional marketing and examples might include tangible items such as business cards, print advertisement  in newspapers or magazines. It can also include posters, commercials on TV and radio, billboards and brochures.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is marketing technique that makes use of electronics devices like desktop, laptop, phones and tabs.The world of digital marketing continues to evolve and as long as technology continues to advance, digital marketing will as well.

Examples of digital marketing include things like:

  • Websites
  • Social media
  • YouTube videos
  • Banner ads
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO

Specifically, digital marketing is similar to traditional advertising, but using digital devices. However, digital marketing is considered a form of inbound marketing and its goal is for people to find you.

Traditional Marketing’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Because of its longevity, people are accustomed to traditional marketing. Finding ads in magazines and newspapers, or reading billboards are still familiar activities and people still do them all the time. Most of the time, traditional marketing is reaching only a local audience even though it is not limited to one. One of the primary disadvantages of traditional marketing is that the results are not easily measured, and in many cases cannot be measured at all. In most cases, traditional marketing is also more costly than digital marketing. And perhaps the biggest disadvantage today is that traditional marketing is static which means there is no way to interact with the audience. It’s more like you are throwing information in front of people and hoping that they decide to take action.

Digital Marketing’s Advantages and Disadvantages

One benefit to using digital is that the results are much easier to measure; and another is that a digital campaign can reach an infinite audience. It is also possible to tailor a digital campaign to reach a local audience but it can also be used on the web and reach the entire globe when appropriate. Digital marketing is also a very interactive means of reaching an audience since it makes use of social outlets. There can be plenty of direct contact between the audience and the business which means that the business can get some very valuable consumer feedback. One of the disadvantages to using digital media marketing strategies is that it can take some time to realize measurable success.


Digital marketing vs traditional marketing holds many benefits no matter what your business specialists in. When comparing the two and what they can offer you, it really depends on what your business goals are. However, by incorporating both traditional marketing and digital marketing within your business you have the potential to really create a powerful marketing strategy that can really bring the best out of your business time and time again. So which marketing avenue is your preferred method of marketing?

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