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5 tips to Speed Up WordPress website


Choose a proper hosting Hosting plays a vital role in speed up. If you propose on business enterprise well-liked stuff, you’re killing yourself by running your WordPress website on shared hosting. The stress of your website taking place when obtaining a giant feature is enough to make some early grey ...

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WordPress User Roles and Permissions

user role

By default WordPress has a user role management system. Knowing these user roles and permissions are essential as your WordPress site grows. There are five default user roles: Administrator Editor Author Contributor Subscriber The five default user roles are: Administrator – Has access to all administrative options and features. It ...

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10 Interesting WordPress Facts to know


What is WordPress and who released it first? It is a free open source blogging software and content management system or CMS based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress was initially built for writing blog has now evolved into one of the most used website managing systems around the world. The most ...

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Why WordPress websites get hacked?

get hacked

Website Get hacked You have always heard a story of websites get hacked. When I was reading on Forbes that something like 29k websites a day show up distributing by malicious attacks. And in that WordPress is most popular. From above you have getting lots of question about hacking i.e. ...

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4 Best free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress


WordPress have many contact form plugins. In that some are free and some are premium. 1. Contact Form 7: Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin has most downloaded as compared to other contact form plugins. It can easily manage multiple contact forms on website. It also supports CAPTCHA, to prevent from spam. ...

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The Benefits of WordPress Multisite


Multisite: The Codex defines WordPress Multisite as: A feature of WordPress 3.0 and later versions that allows multiple virtual sites to share a single WordPress installation. The WordPress multisite has a various benefits, these are as follows: WordPress Multi-site is a powerful feature that can be used to develop small, ...

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Ways to use WordPress?


WordPress can be used in many  ways.  It is open to possibilities. Our site is not a blog, it is more of a business resource website, and we are running it on WordPress. You can use WordPress as the following: Blog Platform: You can use WordPress as a blogging platform ...

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10 Tips to Improve Your WordPress Security


Use secure hosting Hosting plays an important role to secure your wordpress website. When choosing a hosting provider, don’t go with the cheapest. Do your research, and make sure you wear use a well-established company with a good track-record for strong security measures. Stay Updated The most important for securing ...

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Understanding the Robots.txt record – Chapter 1?


Numerous web chairman bloggers still don’t think about Robots.txt and the significance of it for any wordpress website. With regards to SEO of wordpress site, a great many people have a decent comprehension of the fundamentals of website improvement methods. They think about magic words, and how they ought to ...

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