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Basic Information Before You Shop Online

Shopping online may seem exciting and convenient but you can also end up paying a lot more if you do not keep yourself informed. Here are some tips to help you shop smart.

There are some sites that giveaway promotional or discount coupons of popular brands, see if you can find those coupons to use them in your shopping and get some price cut.

Social media plays a huge role in promoting brands. And there are offers floated by large and small brand retailers for potential customers who follow them on social media audience.

So don’t hesitate to like their FB pages to become the lucky and privileged and lap up one of those exciting offers! Same is the case if you sign up for retailers newsletters through their website.  Some websites give you reward points when you frequently shop from the same store. Find out if your store offers any such things and if it does, be informed and use them

Compare: Just because announcements of special offers or heavy discounts are made to sound exciting may not mean they would really be. No harm in comparing prices with traditional stores now and then to check which site is genuine and which ones are trying to lure you with catchy slogans.  Besides comparing with local stores you can compare prices by going to sites that help you compare various prices to help you get the best buys.

FREE Shipping: Most online stores offer free shipping only when you shop above a certain amount. For smaller shopping free shipping does not financially work out for them.  So when you shop think of a few things you want to buy or eventually but and place an order to get free shipping. People are casual and place two orders two days apart and bear shipping charges for both. Not smart!

Returns & Refunds: Personally this is the page I seriously spend time on. I shop online quite a bit, and I have my favourite stores too! I make sure that return and refund policy suit me before placing an order. I’ve found that most stores’ return and refund policies are in order and straight. Competition on the net is getting so tough that offending a customer is the last thing on the store owners’ mind.

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