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False sense of separation of concerns:

ASP .NET has the concept of code behind, which pretends to separate the code i.e. logic from the html i.e. presentation by creating the code behind partial class.

Server side controls/ Limited control over Html:

Server side controls are rendered as an html controls with generated id attribute & other attributes. The developer has a limited access over the html for the .Net version 3& 3.5 but from ASP .NET 4 the problems are much improved. Difficult & complex integration with JavaScript frameworks.

View State:

Maintaining states across requests is stated as view state. View state data is transferred between the client & server which consumes more data & increased bandwidth. The hundreds of kilobytes data of view state, goes back and forth with every request resulting in slower response time & increased bandwidth for the server.

Low Testability:

Because of tightly coupled architecture & code behind concept it becomes difficult to unit test the ASP .NET application via automated testing.


Separation of concerns:

MVC separates the code logic from presentation with the help of controller, model & views.

Test driven development:

MVC Supports test driven development as the model view & controller are the independent entities. Refer link “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Test-driven_development” for more information.


MVC does not store the state of control by default, it means no view state is managed. Also there isn’t any post back events in MVC.

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