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8 Key Features of Popular WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes are which take WordPress to the next level, giving almost anyone of any skill level the ability to create a site that doesn’t look like a basic template. There are a few key important features that decide  best themes aside from the rest. Today most popular wordpress are paid or free.

Today WordPress framework  are used to develop many of the websites and blogs you visit every day, including this one(www.allhelpservices.com). Latest numbers from WordPress attribute the framework as the backbone of28 percent of the web.

Some important key features of wordpress theme are as follows :

  1. Responsive Design

Today the number of Smartphone user having increasing graph so that  Responsive design is the top must-have feature of all websites for 2016 and is a must when it comes to WordPress themes as well. With the number of people viewing information on tablets and mobile phones, it is vital to use a theme that allows users to view content clearly regardless of device.

 Responsive themes are using a Bootstrap-based design but there are a variety of others available as well. Bootstrap CSS are used to create responsive layout. Today most popular themes having bootstrap framework.

  1. Social Sharing

In today’s web environment, social sharing is a must and themes have to be expandable and flexible with the number of social networks supported. At a minimum, designers should look at themes which allow sharing across Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Incorporating social media into a theme can help your content reach more people as visitors share it with their networks. The best and most popular themes have these tools built in, without the addition of plugins.Its helps to build a good brand and SEO.

  1. Page Styles

Themes that contain one page outline just don’t cut it. Designers, developers and almost anyone building a website want pages that are optimized for specific user features – e-commerce, contact information, reviews or testimonials, blogs, etc.

  1. Auto Upgrade and Support

Popular themes often have detailed auto-upgrade and update information included in the descriptions and include specific and detailed instructions for use, installation and customization. Even if a theme looks great, customer service is what sells themes in the long run.

Premium themes typically include high levels of support – one of the elements making them premium – but some great free themes offer advanced support or forums as well.

  1. Theme Customization

WordPress themes supports customarization option which help you to change the theme style , header information , layout option , website title , widget position and menu structure etc.

  1. Widgets

Widgets is one of the key features that WordPress users love. Look at any list of popular wordpress themes and you will find that almost every one includes custom widgets.

Although you can go out and find most of these plugins elsewhere, designers want widgets to match the overall theme, which is why inclusion is a must. In addition to visual flow, having widgets as part of a theme can make for a more seamless installation, saving time and work.

Popular themes do more than just include widgets, they also include plenty of places to put them. Options for placement extend beyond sidebars to widget areas in the footer, header and above or below content.

  1. SEO Friendly

Today every website needs SEO to increase traffic due to increase in competition on web . Most website having same product , work so it needs good SEO to rank in search engine .

So wordpress themes supports that , and wordpress having inbuilt facility  for SEO friendly URL.

  1. Retina-Display Ready

Today HD display available and for that high quality images are required , today wordpress themes have retina display ready themes are available they can easily adjust with HD display .The number of retina-ready options available is growing daily and becoming an in-demand feature.

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