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7 important tips to Speed Up WordPress website?

1. Choose a good host
Hosting plays an important role in speed up. If you plan on publishing popular stuff, you’re killing yourself by running your WordPress site on shared hosting.
The stress of your site going down after getting a big feature is enough to create a few early gray hairs: don’t be a victim, invest in proper hosting.

2. Use an effective caching plugin
WordPress plugins are obviously quite useful, but some of the best fall under the caching category, as they drastically improve page loads time, and best of all, all of them on WP.org are free and easy to use.
By far my favorite is W3 Total Cache, I wouldn’t recommend or use any other caching plugin, it has all of the features you need and is extremely easy to install and use.
Simply install and activate, and what your page load faster as elements are cached.

3. Use a CDN
All of your favorite blogs are making use of CDN, and if you are into online marketing using Word Press you won’t be surprised to hear that some of your favorite blogs like Copyblogger are making use of CDN’s.
Essentially, a CDN, or content delivery network, takes all your static files you’ve got on your site (CSS, JavaScript and images etc) and lets visitors download them as fast as possible by serving the files on servers as close to them as possible.

4. Optimize images
Image optimization is necessary to speed up your website. Because If you use high definition image with higher size then it affects on webpage so while using image please optimize it and then use it for you development or blogging purpose.
When I am building a blogging platform then I used TinyPNG tool to optimizing image size.
Fortunately, there is an amazing, free plugin called WP-SmushIt which will do this process to all of your images automatically, as you are uploading them. No reason not to install this one.

5. Optimize your homepage to load quickly
This isn’t one thing but really a few easy things that you can do to ensure that your homepage loads quickly, which probably is the most important part of your site because people will be landing there the most often. People want to visit site if it loads quickly so you should optimize your website homepage.
Things that you can do:
• Show excerpts instead of full posts.
• Reduce the number of posts on the page .
• Remove unnecessary sharing widgets from the home page.
• Try to avoid use of plugin which contains more JavaScript contain.
• Remove inactive plugins.
• Optimize images.

6. Optimize your WordPress database
I have used optimize words so many times in this article one more important part of your wordpress site is database. So please take care of it.
You can simply use the WP-Optimize plugin, which I run on all of my sites.

7. Minify your JavaScript and CSS files
Minifying your CSS and JavaScript files means that all the unnecessary data from them like double spaces, empty new lines, comments, etc. will be removed from the files lowering their size. There are many online tools that you can use for free to minify your files. In addition, if you’re using the W3 Total Cache plugin, it has an option to automatically minify your theme’s CSS and JS files.

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