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150 Free Directory Submissions with High Page Rank

To gain more traffic to your website bloggers need to focus on creating high quality backlinks. The success of a blog depends on the traffic it’s receiving.
On below free directory you need to submit your article or blog, it may help you to increase your website traffic.

1. URL Directory (Page Rank 5): http://urldirectory.org
2. Link Add Url (Page Rank 4):http://www.linkaddurl.com
3. 134 U Net (Page Rank 4):134u.net Web Directory
4. Seagency Net (Page Rank 3):http://seagency.net
5. Online Society Org (Page Rank 5):http://www.onlinesociety.org
6. Deep Links (Page Rank 3):http://www.deeplinksdirectory.co
7. 3 Catalog (Page Rank 4):http://www.w3catalog.com
8. A Directory (Page Rank 2):http://www.a-directory.net
9. Internet Marketing (Page Rank 2):http://www.internetmarketingandservices.com
10. The Great Directory (Page Rank 3) :http://www.thegreatdirectory.org
11. Ranking Website (Page Rank 5):Ranking Website Directory
12. Worth While Link (Page Rank 5):http://www.worthwhilelink.com/
13. All Free Things Directory (Page Rank 5):http://allfreethings.com
14. TSection (Page Rank 5):http://www.tsection.com/
15. Ldmstudio Directory (Page Rank 5):Ldmstudio Directory
16. Kiwidir (Page Rank 5):http://www.kiwidir.com/
17. Devote (Page Rank 4):http://devoteclub.com/
18. Dear Betty (Page Rank 4):http://www.dearbetty.com
19. Iuiiw (Page Rank 4):http://www.iuiiw.com
20. Business Directory (Page Rank 4):Global Online Business Directory
21. Perma Charge (Page Rank 4):PermaCharge Business Directory
22. Rcreduation (Page Rank 4):http://rcreducation.com
23. Overland Agency (Page Rank 4):http://www.overlandagency.com
24. Info Tiger (Page Rank 4):http://www.infotiger.com
25. The Little Web Directory (Page Rank 4): Free Web Directory – Add Your Link

26. Surf Safely (Page Rank 4):http://surfsafely.com
27. Claymont (Page Rank 4):http://www.claymont.com
28. Gain Web (Page Rank 4):http://www.gainweb.org/
29. Thales Directory (Page Rank 4):http://thalesdirectory.com/submit
30. Skoobe (Page Rank 4):http://www.skoobe.biz
31. Boardse (Page Rank 4):http://www.boardse.com
32. Directory GTSEE (Page Rank 4):http://www.directory.gtsee.com/
33. Piyy (Page Rank 4):http://www.piyy.com
34. Directory Esgsite (Page Rank 4):http://directory.esgsite.com
35. Wales Index (Page Rank 4):http://www.walesindex.co.uk
36. Infignos (Page Rank 4):http://www.infignos.com
37. Abraham Search (Page Rank 4):http://www.abrahamsearch.com
38. Lists Web (Page Rank 4):http://www.listsweb.com
39. Add 2 Directories (Page Rank 4):http://www.add2directories.com
40. The SEO King (Page Rank 3):http://www.theseoking.com/
41. Hot Webber (Page Rank 4):http://www.hotwebber.com/
42. Canada Webdir (Page Rank 5):http://www.canadawebdir.com
43. Submission Web Directory (Page Rank 5):http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com
44. Claymont (Page Rank 5):http://www.claymont.com
45. Wales Index Co (Page Rank 5):http://www.walesindex.co.uk/
46. RWE Directory (Page Rank 5):RWE Directory
47. SEO Blahoo (Page Rank 5):http://seo.blahoo.net
48. Productivus (Page Rank 5):Productivus
49. Ananar Directory (Page Rank 3):Ananar Directory
50. Ample Directory (Page Rank 3):http://www.ampledirectory.com/submit.php

51. SEO Web Dir (Page Rank 3):http://www.seowebdir.net/submit.php
52. Alive Directory (Page Rank 3):http://www.alive-directory.com/submit.php
53. TCTCO (Page Rank 3):http://www.tctco.com/submit.php
54. Agri Education (Page Rank 3):The Most Popular Website Directory
55. Readi Move ( Page Rank 3):Readi-Move.com – Web Directory
56. Form Submit Url (Page Rank 1):http://www.formsubmiturl.com/SubmitYourSite
57. Links Scrabble Stop (Page Rank 1):http://links.scrabblestop.com/submit.php
58. Directory Lester ( Page Rank 2):http://directory.lesterloyd.com
59. Omega (Page Rank 3):http://omega.usatohifi.com
60. Wondex (Page Rank 3):http://www.wondex.com
61. Link 2 Me:http://www.linkd2me.com
62. Slashdot (Page Rank 8):http://www.slashdot.org
63. Reddit (Page Rank 8):http://www.reddit.com
64. Delicious (Page Rank 8):http://www.delicious.com
65. NewsVine (Page Rank 8):http://www.newsvine.com
66. Give A Link (Page Rank 5):http://www.givealink.org/main/show
67. Netvouz.com (Page Rank 5):http://www.netvouz.com
68. Blog Marks (Page Rank 6):http://www.blogmarks.net
69. Wire Fan (Page Rank 5):http://www.wirefan.com
70. Chang Wave (Page Rank 3):http://www.changwave.com
71. Book My Act Info (Page Rank 2):http://www.bookmyact.info
72. Carrot Breath (Page Rank 2):http://www.carrotbreath.info

73. List Directories:SEO Directory List
74. Scrub The Web (Page Rank 6):http://www.scrubtheweb.com
75. Info Tiger (Page Rank 4):http://www.infotiger.com
76. List Directories (Page Rank 3):http://www.list-directories.com
77. Scrub The Web (Page Rank 6):http://www.scrubtheweb.com
78. Info Tiger (Page Rank 4):http://www.infotiger.com
79. Submission Web Directory (Page Rank 6):http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com
80. Xmeta (Page Rank 3):http://www.xmeta.net
81. Swoogle Umbc (Page Rank 6):http://www.swoogle.umbc.edu
82. Solar Warp (Page Rank 4):http://www.solarwarp.net
83. Old RSS Top (Page Rank 5):http://www.old-rsstop10.com
84. RSS Mountain (Page Rank 6):http://www.rssmountain.com/rss-directory.php
85. RSS Micro (Page Rank 5):http://www.rssmicro.com
86. RSS Chomp (Page Rank 5):http://www.rsschomp.com
87. Oobdoo (Page Rank 4):http://www.oobdoo.com
88. Newz Alert (Page Rank 4):http://www.newzalert.com
89. Feedsee (Page Rank 4):http://www.feedsee.com
90. 101 Best HTML Sites (Page Rank 5):http://www.101besthtml5sites.com
91. 1ABC (Page Rank 4):http://www.1abc.org
92. A1 Web Directory (Page Rank 4):http://www.a1webdirectory.org
93. AAAAGency Search (Page Rank 5):http://www.aaaagencysearch.com
94. ABC Directory (Page Rank 7):http://www.abc-directory.com
95. 225. A List Directory (Page Rank 4):http://www.alistdirectory.com
96. Marketing Who (Page 3):MarketingWho.com – the Marketing links directory
97. All Spiritual (Page Rank 5) :http://www.allspiritual.com
98. Britain Business free Directory (Page Rank 5):http://www.britainbusinessdirectory.com
99. Buysll (Page Rank 4):http://www.buysll.com
100. Direct My Link (Page Rank 3):http://www.directmylink.com
101. Directory PR Club (Page Rank 3):http://www.directory.pr-club.net
102. Directory HRA 2008 (Page Rank 3):http://www.directory.ttra2008.com
103. Documentos Binarios (Page Rank 3):http://www.documentosbinarios.com
104. Exact Seek (Page Rank 5):http://www.exactseek.com
105. Fair Election (Page Rank 3):http://www.fairelection.us
106. Findelio (Page Rank 5):http://www.Findelio.com
107. Free PR Web free Directory (Page Rank 7):http://www.freeprwebdirectory.com
108. Gain Web Org (Page Rank 4):http://www.gainweb.org

109. Gazingus Org (Page Rank 4):http://www.gazingus.org
110. GMA Web Directory (Page Rank 5):http://www.gmawebdirectory.com
111. Herlight (Page Rank 3):http://www.herlight.com
112. ICFMT (Page Rank 4):http://www.icfmt.org
113. Info Listing (Page Rank 4):http://www.info-listings.com
114. Jaborwhalky (Page Rank 3):http://www.jaborwhalky.com
115. Kiwidir (Page Rank 2):http://www.kiwidir.com
116. LInk Add URL (Page Rank 4):http://www.linkaddurl.com
117. Link And Think (Page Rank 4):http://www.linkandthink.org
118. Link Eve (Page Rank 4):http://www.linkteve.com
119. Marketing Internet Directory (Page Rank 5):http://www.marketinginternetdirectory.com
120. Marketing Who (Page Rank 3):http://www.marketingwho.com
121. Submit Hunter (Page Rank 3):http://www.submithunter.com
122. Master Moz (Page Rank 4):http://www.mastermoz.com
123. Nonar (Page Rank 4):http://www.nonar.com
124. One Mission (Page Rank 5):http://www.onemission.com
125. Online Society (Page Rank 4):http://www.onlinesociety.org
126. Operation Uplink (Page Rank 5):http://www.operationuplink.org
127. Overland Agency (Page Rank 5):http://www.overlandagency.com
128. Philly First On The Fourth (Page Rank 4):http://www.phillyfirstonthefourth.com
129. Quality Internet free Directory (Page Rank 4):http://www.qualityinternetdirectory.com
130. PMarketing (Page Rank 3):http://www.pmarketing.com
131. Puppyurl (Page Rank 4):http://www.puppyurl.com
132. RDirectory (Page Rank 4):http://www.rdirectory.net

133. Right Wing Eye (Page Rank 4):http://www.rightwingeye.com
134. Screenalicious (Page Rank 5):http://www.screenalicious.com
135. Skoobe (Page Rank 4):http://www.skoobe.biz
136. Slackalice (Page Rank 4):http://www.slackalice.com
137. SMS WEb (Page Rank 6):http://www.smsweb.org
138. Splut (Page Rank5):http://www.splut.com
139. WP Inspiration (Page Rank 4):http://www.wpinspiration.com
140. Web Squash (Page Rank 4):http://www.websquash.com
141. Viesearch (Page Rank 4):http://www.viesearch.com
142. USA Web Directory (Page Rank 3):http://www.usawebsitesdirectory.com
143. Directory Webbsites (Page Rank 2):http://www.directorywebbsites.com
144. Deep Links Free Directory (Page Rank 3):http://www.deeplinksdirectory.co
145. W3Catalog (Page Rank 4):http://www.w3catalog.com
146. The SEO Links (Page Rank 2):http://www.theseolinks.com
147. Popularist (Page Rank 2):http://www.popularist.com
148. Pr 3 Plus (Page Rank 3):http://www.pr3plus.com
149. Links Scrabble Stop (Page Rank 3):http://www.links.scrabblestop.com
150. Piseries (Page Rank 4):http://www.piseries.com

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